Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

Posted December 10, 2018

However, you only start with eight of the characters when you first begin the game. Ultimate and he's looking to bring his monster hunting skills to Nintendo's fighting game.

Another trick: Polygon created a guide on how to unlock characters fast, too. Ultimate to the world, Nintendo also took the opportunity at the Games Awards 2018 to announced a new DLC fighter you would be joining the fray. What's one more? As a "pre-order" (or, rather, early purchase) bonus, Nintendo is offering the Piranha Plant character alongside the game.

Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

As in past games, characters can be unlocked in a variety of ways across the game's many modes. That said, Classic Mode does allow you some choice towards unlocking characters, but each character you play the mode with has a preset pool of characters they unlock, so you're still limited by a linear unlock sequence.

After you are challenged by Simon, just defeat him to instantly add this fighter your roster.

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A new character will appear.

Then, a new challenger will appear right after the next match, erasing the need for 10-minute matches. You'll see a menu option that says "My Nintendo Rewards".

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate will release globally on December 7. Not to mention you'll keep getting a steady flow of additional characters to test out all these tips with.

Of course, it's important to note that these numbers are only reflective of Amazon, so just because Super Smash Bros.

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But, it also helps to know a few tricks to get it done faster and start playing your favourite characters against your friends.