Apple claims iPad Pros with bends are normal, not defective

Posted December 22, 2018

The 2018 iPad Pro models have been released back in November, and some users took to social media to complain. The Verge asked Apple if it has communicated this problem with their stores being that they had read some accounts of employees telling people it's accidental damage and warrants an AppleCare+ claim (and deductible) to replace.

And yet, this time the company says it's not a defect, and you should by no means be anxious that the performance of the device would be affected.

Apple has confirmed on Wednesday that some of the company's new iPad Pro devices are shipping slightly bent out of the box.

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In fact, Apple doesn't even think of the curve as a defect.

Apple explained that the bend is actually the result of a cooling process involving the metal and plastic components of the tablets.

But no, Apple told The Verge, we don't consider this bend to be a defect.

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"I have an approx 1in spot on my iPad Pro screen which is brighter than the rest of the screen - it's unevenly lit".

Apple claims that the new iPad Pro hasn't seen a higher than average rate of return despite the bend issue. You've also got to remember that, with the application of enough force, most tablets - which are just thin slabs that include a wide surface - will eventually bend to some degree.

Customers who are annoyed by this issue can take the iPad Pro to their nearest Apple retail outlet and get the product exchanged within the 14-day return window. One user claimed that he had treated his iPad as a baby and it was still bent, something which is completely unacceptable from Apple. However, it is only now that the iPhone-maker has confirmed to The Verge that it ships the latest and most powerful iPad with a bent chassis. Further, the screen has the True Tone feature, which is also similar to recent iPhone models. Apple at the time denied these problems were widespread.

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