PUBG Mobile Vikendi snow map release date and time confirmed

Posted December 22, 2018

Users now get an option to report suspicious behaviour in spectator mode.

The move was confirmed by the game developer Tencent when it recently sent a "Maintenance Notice" alert stating that PUBG Mobile servers will be down for some time because of some updates, which also includes the new Vikendi map. It's the fourth map after Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

The map is said to be small enough for players to memorize their preferred drop zones or quickly adapt, but large enough to take each match at its own pace and explore a range of diverse and unique environments. The snow map is the main draw here, and unfortunately you'll have to wait to play it. So players may still have to wait before they can get their hands on these new features.

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You can read the full details of the map below as outlined in the press release posted down below.

The current description for the items states that players should collect them in order to collect rewards.

So the game should come back online by 9am Monday morning for players in the UK. Until now, the map was not confirmed for PUBG Mobile. Together with the stakeholders, PMNC is doing a complete ecosystem for Malaysia Esports, starting from players, teams, leagues, fans and also sponsors. By using your strategies, different weapons and exploring new locations, you can simply make the most of this game.

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As scheduled, PUBG Mobile has received the Vikendi snow map for Android and iOS. The map is also rolling out for other versions of PUBG, including the PC and console versions.

PUBG MOBILE was also recognized by the App Store earlier, with the game included in Apple's "Game Trend of the Year" category representing the explosive battle royale genre and in its "Top Games Charts of 2018" as one of the most downloaded games.

Added Firearms Finish Upgrade System.

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Both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are popular titles on Android and record a vast database of gamers.