Netflix tweets 'Bird Box Challenge' warning: Do not hurt yourselves

Posted January 03, 2019

Netflix is begging its fans of the new psychological thriller Bird Box to refrain from participating in the viral #BirdBoxChallenge for their safety. It's also led to the unintended effect of "The Bird Box Challenge" in which people attempt to do every day tasks blindfolded. The characters in the movie have to wear blindfolds to avoid looking at mysterious creatures that have invaded human society. There are videos of punters ending up in traffic, falling over and some even putting their young children in danger by forcing them to take part. "Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and all the rest fighting for streaming domination share a dedication to operating as though they're immune to the numbers-driven nature of the content business". "Made it through the whole movie without taking off my blindfold".

The internet's capacity to bring out the stupid in people got another boost this week with the arrival of the "Bird Box Challenge".

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"Now, using the hashtag "#birdboxchallenge", plenty of Twitter users are supplying their own videos of what it's like to take your family around the world when you're used to having vision - and must choose to do without.

This is a public service announcement: Please don't walk around in a blindfold for the Bird Box Challenge.

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Apparently, die-hard fans are trying something called the "Bird Box challenge", where they - or their children - are blindfolded and try to do everyday things, despite not being able to see.

Netflix is now begging people not to do the Bird Box Challenge. Netflix itself stepped in on Wednesday to tell everyone to "not end up in the hospital due to memes".

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