Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Captain Marvel Can Time Travel

Posted January 09, 2019

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters in April, although you can get your next Marvel fix with Captain Marvel on March 8th.

"I mean, they're up against some really, really tough odds right now we saw throughout Infinity War". Each one-sheet features Captain Marvel wearing her comic book-accurate red, blue, and gold suit, with the IMAX and Dolby Cinema posters displaying the hero sporting her headgear and mohawk.

In the trailer, Larson can be seen proving to Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) that she is not a Skrull by showing off her powers. She retorts, "Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?" - a jab at both his attitude and the freshly stitched-up wound above his eye.

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"She's one of the few people in the Marvel Universe that can time travel".

Whilst attending the 76th Golden Globes on Sunday evening, Feige was asked by MTV about the recent rumors regarding the marketing for Avengers: Endgame and how they are looking to only use footage from the first twenty minutes of the movie.

"I think he's read the script, we talked to him about it", Captain Marvel executive producer Jonathan Schwartz told Comic Book (the interview was conducted before Gunn was sacked, but only published today).

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Between the Marvel universe, the fabulous cast and the fact that Brie Larson looks extremely badass, Captain Marvel's first trailer had already left us panting. The other Captain Marvel should try it.

While visiting the set of Captain Marvel back in the summer of 2018, I got to join a group of journalists for a roundtable interview with Starforce leader, Jude Law.

Schwartz reiterated, "But for the movie itself, it's its own self-contained adventure". I remember walking out of Thor: The Dark World feeling like I'd spent my entertainment dollar wisely, but I couldn't tell you what happened in it.

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