Unpaid Airport Screening Agents to Get Day’s Pay, $500 Bonus During Shutdown

Posted January 14, 2019

Amid the shutdown, which began on December 22 and is now the longest ever, TSA officers missed their first paycheck on Friday. "But airport workers and travelers are concerned that conditions will worsen if the impasse continues, throwing travel into turmoil", the report said.

The impasse has now entered day 21, tying the record for the longest-running shutdown in USA history set under the Clinton administration in 1995 - and apparently guaranteed to surpass it, with the Senate now in recess until Monday. Should more TSA workers call in sick, the county-owned airport is ready for more checkpoint closures.

You may not see them when you fly, but without air traffic controllers planes would be stuck on the tarmac.

This as TSA officers and countless other federal employees are either working without pay or are furloughed due to the partial government shutdown.

Concourse G was to close after 1 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he said.

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United Continental Holdings Inc. operates some flights at that concourse. "Some of them have already quit and many are considering quitting the federal workforce because of this shutdown".

"At our airport, we're not seeing at this point operational impacts like they are at other airports", said spokeswoman Janet Scherberger. TSA agents are on the lower end of the federal pay scale, earning between $36,000 and $43,000 annually.

The NATCA is requesting a motion for a temporary restraining order against the government and an expedited hearing on that motion. "My mom is actually having to pay the whole rent".

The named plaintiffs in the suit include single mom Amanda Fuchs, who says that without her paycheck, she can't afford needed physical therapy and her family won't be able to attend her recently deceased grandmother's funeral. The shutdown is hurting her ability to keep up with those responsibilities, the suit said.

Lines at the nation's airports have been normal, Bilello said.

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"It's hard to predict when that will happen", Gilbert said. The agency is focusing on ensuring its resources are devoted to ensure that the system remains safe, it said in a statement. But he said safety is an "ongoing mission", and every day the shutdown drags on is a cause for concern.

Those workers on Friday will get their first $0.00 pay stub, stoking worries that the situation could soon become untenable. The Senate already passed the measure, which now goes to Trump for his signature.

"Despite the shutdown, TSA security officers continue to do a great job of effectively and efficiently screening passengers and bags", said Christopher Bidwell, senior vice president of security for Airports Council International-North America, an association that represents the owners and operators of airports.

Security lines at Logan Airport aren't being impacted by the shutdown and passengers seem to be sympathetic to those still working with a smile.

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