Kylie Jenner's Instagram record battered by an egg

Posted January 16, 2019

Jenner's image is now the second-most-liked image on Instagram with 18.3 million likes.

On January 4th this year, an account by the name world_record_egg was opened on Instagram with the intention of getting the most number of likes of any Instagram post ever.

As of this writing, the post has more than 31 million likes. People have begun posting egg emojis, taunting her.

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In a cracking case of internet trolling, the masses have spoken and voted to make a picture of an egg named Eugene the most-liked Instagram post in history, marking one of the most freakish viral crazes to date.

Last night, Kylie hit up Instagram with a hilarious clip of herself destroying a similar-looking Eugene egg.

For now, Kylie seems to be taking the news quite well, poking fun at her creeping irrelevance by reposting a video of that time she tried to fry an egg on a pavement.

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Tell that to the trolls flooding the TV personality's heartfelt photo with egg commentary. That post has more than 16 million views. Half an Onion, a twitter page managed to garner around 6 million followers in an attempt to overtake the popularity of Donald Trump's Twitter account. The account also noted, "What a time to be alive". "We got this", the caption alongside the image reads.

The account has since identified its owner as "a chicken from the British countryside" named Henrietta, according to BuzzFeed News.

This might be the most popular egg in history.

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The world_record_egg account appears to have been created exclusively to break the record. When? What is it - just an egg? If you're a little bit lost, let us dive into the friendly (so far) social media feud that's now brewing between the reality star and the breakfast staple.