Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Leaves No Avengers: Endgame Hints … Great

Posted January 17, 2019

The film, titled "Spider-Man: Far From Home", is the sequel to the 2017 hit "Spider-Man: Homecoming" and follows in the footsteps of "Avengers: Endgame" (which hits theaters April 26). The recent Spider-Man video game featured F.E.A.S.T.in a prominent role, considering that Mister Negative was one of the main villains of the game.

Speaking of, it's seems a little odd that the trailer for Far From Home - Peter's fun, happy jaunt around Europe - would debut before Avengers: Endgame, the highly anticipated and very melodramatic conclusion to Marvel's 10-year superhero saga.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Peter Parker disintegrated into dust when Thanos snapped his fingers. Drawing inspiration from the comics, the suit is a nod to Spider-Man Noir, an alternate version of Spider-Man (remember the character in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse?). But who gave it to Peter?

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Nick Fury seeks out Spiderman, (in the middle of Peter's school trip, nevertheless) to take on the Elementals - extradimensional humanoid entities, drawing from the powers the four elements.

This is where Mysterio comes in, though rather than fighting against Spider-Man, they team up. Throughout the trailer, there were small moments that hinted that Ned and Betty have started dating, from the two of them cutely taking pictures of each other, to them holding hands as they run away from danger. In the brief appearance he makes in the trailer, he shows up in his classic costume with his signature smoke zooming around in the air as he fights against what appears to be Hydro-Man.

The trailer also introduces Mysterio, a longtime Spider-Man rogues' gallery villain, played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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We saw a romance brewing between Peter and Zendaya's MJ in Homecoming. But not quite easily. "How did you do that?", she asked.

Earlier today, Tom Holland, best known for playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU, took to Instagram to pop some bubbly and toast the successful launch of the movie's first trailer.

The Mets' former home, Shea Stadium, was the real-life site of a unique Marvel publicity stunt for Spider-Man's wedding to Mary Jane Watson back on June 5, 1987.

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