Furloughed federal workers can seek unemployment benefits

Posted January 21, 2019

"It's hard not to empathize" with federal workers during the government shutdown, Leon said.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits decreased 3,000 to a seasonally adjusted 213,000 for the week ended January 12, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Since the closing of a quarter of the federal government on December 22, the White House and the Democratic congressional leaders have held several rounds of negotiations over border security and wall funding, the sticking point in the shutdown, but appeared to get no closer to solving the budget impasse.

Qualifying federal workers can apply by calling the UI Contact Center at 1-800-292-6333.

Some are applying for unemployment, working part-time jobs, and now seeking charity donations.

The increase comes as more and more federal workers are struggling with the shutdown's financial effects. Among them, 5,897 have applied for benefits within D.C., which houses many agencies. In Virginia they jumped to 5,966 from 3,497, and in Maryland to 4,949 from 4,467.

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These workers can get a maximum of $275 per week, and are subject to federal income taxes.

Meanwhile, a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday by Politico found that only 25 percent of voters say the shutdown has had "a lot" or "some" impact on them or their family. In this case, employee attorneys recommend filing just to be safe.

Q: Do I have to search for a job while furloughed? "So you need to file". Benefits are generally not given to "excepted" federal workers who are still working but won't be paid until the shutdown is over, according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

"We are working under the knowledge that they are furloughed", he said.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon denied a temporary restraining order that would have either forced the government pay workers or allow them the option to refuse to work while not receiving pay.

"Let's put the party thing aside and think in terms of what I call the heart", Streets said.

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The workers were told to keep submitting their claims and that they would see payments eventually.

Judge Richard Leon said at a January 15 hearing that it would be "profoundly irresponsible" to issue judicial orders that would force some workers home or require others to be paid out of current funds.

To make sure you're not breaking any laws, consult with a supervisor or authority figure first before starting a GoFundMe page, Martin said. Unlike, say, taxes, repayment of unemployment benefits doesn't come with any penalties, Cohen added.

The record-long USA government shutdown would subtract 0.1 percentage point from economic growth every week, twice as originally forecasted, the CNBC on Tuesday quoted a Donald Trump administration official as saying.

The first week a person files for benefits is considered their waiting week and the claimant will not receive money.

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