EU Opposes UK's Brexit Deal Revision Despite Theresa May's Readiness for Talks

Posted February 03, 2019

The Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and Britain remains the best and only deal possible and will not be renegotiated, said Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, at the European Parliament's plenary session debate on Wednesday.

Yet it remains to be seen whether enough MPs would change their minds in favour of Cooper-Boles - or against the Brady amendment's quixotic insistence that May gets the European Union to replace the backstop with "alternative arrangements" - to provide a parliamentary majority to break the deadlock and steer Britain off the path towards no deal.

He added that it was quite possible the prime minister would return to Parliament next month "with nothing".

"No community should feel that they are left behind".

Tonra says that's partly due to the fact that the Irish government began strategizing before the Brexit referendum in 2016 and then snapped into action after United Kingdom voters passed it. Our areas voted Leave and it is time that we had the investment we need.

"What May's MPs want is something that says the European Union and Britain are not locked into this agreement on the Northern Irish border indefinitely", Wager said.

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Mr Corbyn said the Government's plan for leaving the European Union would not help deprived areas any more than austerity had since 2010, after the Times reported Mrs May would offer incentives to pro-Brexit backbenchers, many from old coal mining areas.

On Wednesday, she met British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for what her spokesman said were "serious and engaged" talks on the way ahead.

The British tabloid papers declared Mrs May a victor after the House of Commons voted to remove the so-called Irish border backstop from the Brexit deal.

"Now we're going back to Brussels but we are very unclear about what we're going back to Brussels to do and when I asked the prime minister about this yesterday, she was incredibly vague".

The paper said May's allies believe that she needs about 20 Labour MPs to join the ranks of support in order to get the agreement with the European Union through the door.

In the prime minister's absence, the Labour leader told MPs: "The prime minister should be here updating MPs on what progress she has achieved, if any".

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Sterling fell late on Tuesday after Britain's parliament rejected a proposal to give parliament a path to prevent a no-deal Brexit, but accepted two amendments - one seeking to replace the Irish backstop with alternative arrangements, and another rejecting the notion of a no-deal Brexit.

Mrs May told him: "You can not just vote to reject no deal, you have to support a deal".

And while no-deal would be economically damaging to both sides, the political consequences will only really be felt in London.

Mr Dodds said that kind of rhetoric needed "to be toned down".

With a second vote on the withdrawal agreement due to take place this week, we're asking our readers how they think the Brexit process will turn out? The only thing parliament has indicated majority support for is the prevention of "no-deal", yet this is the default position on March 29th unless something can be agreed.

She said business was also concerned by the Brady amendment because "it is crucial that any changes withdrawal agreement continue to have the effect of ensuring frictionless trade across these islands".

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Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney said Britain had not offered any feasible way to keep the border open.