Frozen cat thawed out after being found unresponsive in Montana snow bank

Posted February 08, 2019

"She was frozen", said Andrea Dutter, executive director of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell.

Clark says Fluffy is normally a little crabby, so when she began growling, he knew she would be fine.

A Montana cat named Fluffy was found frozen and buried in snow by her owners this week - and brought back to life by a team of veterinarians.

Jevon Clark of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell said Fluffy was unresponsive and her body temperature did not register on the clinic's thermometers when her owners brought her in.

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Dr Clark said Fluffy was three years old and had always lived outdoors.

After a few more hours, Fluffy bean to show signs of recovery.

So low the staff couldn't even measure it on their thermometer. This is far below the normal body temperature for cats, which usually hovers around 101 degrees, Clark said. "Fluffy is unbelievable!" the clinic said.

The clinic posted several images of the cat on its Facebook account, which were subsequently shared widely.

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"It really is true that with hypothermia they aren't dead until they are warm and dead".

"This is a miracle with some quick thinking on the part of her "parents" and this wonderful vet!" They scooped her up and immediately drove her to the vet, which is probably what saved her life.

According to the animal hospital, Fluffy is back with her owners - although she is making the transition to being a indoor cat. They then used specialized heating pads and heated cages, which helped her to regain consciousness.

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