San Francisco Giants Rumors: Bryce Harper signing a real possibility?

Posted February 08, 2019

Add the Giants to the mix in the never-ending courtship of Bryce Harper. He was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers this past season where the Dodgers were the World Series runners up for the second year in a row. If, however, the interest is honest, we're up to five known parties - the Nationals, Phillies, and White Sox are the others - with at least one more on the periphery.

Considering their mini-slump as a franchise, the lack of outfield depth that Miller mentioned and the fact that the price for Harper has conceivably fallen precipitously from what his projected contract was, it makes sense that the Giants would want to get involved. Harper is still unsigned, and a rumor of another suitor came to light yesterday.

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Phillies' owner John Middleton went on record during the beginning of the offseason and said that the organization was going to be "a little stupid" about how they spend their money.

But the optimism was also tempered by annoyance and exasperation from fans desperate for Harper to put his name on a contract and just play ball. Currently, New York Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton has the largest deal at $325 million, which he signed with the Miami Marlins.

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Under new general manager Farhan Zaidi, though, this is a surprise. Not for a free agency that's been talked about ever since Harper broke into the league as a 19-year-old prodigy with no limit to his potential? The Washington Nationals are said to be interested in bringing Harper back, but thus far, no real progress has been made for the former MVP.

Information on negotiations is scarce, but the one thing we can be sure of is that Harper hasn't been bowled over by an offer yet. (6:50) Is it still between the White Sox and Phillies for Machado?

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