Volunteers Ready US Aid Set for Venezuela as Maduro Digs In

Posted February 10, 2019

The arrival of the aid convoy, which includes supplies provided by the United States, has increased the pressure on Maduro after Washington as well as nations from across Latin America and Europe recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the rightful interim ruler of Venezuela.

On Friday, worldwide charities in Colombia distanced themselves from Guaido's aid distribution, sending a letter to governments and United Nations agencies in which they expressed "concerns about the methods through which humanitarian aid is planned to be sent from Colombia to Venezuela".

Using humanitarian aid to promote a military coup is repulsive and threatens to convert Venezuela in an American foreign policy clusterfuck similar to Vietnam, Iraq, Syria or Yemen.

The opposition considers the presidency of Maduro, who has been the head of state since 2013, to be illegitimate after he won "fraudulent" election last May without any meaningful competition. Since Fiscal Year 2017, the United States has provided more than $140 million-including almost $97 million in humanitarian assistance, and approximately $43 million in development and economic assistance-to support the generous efforts of affected countries to host displaced Venezuelans.

The only thing Venezuela had in abundance Friday was angry words as its main political players attacked each other in simultaneous news conferences while the nation teeters on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

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The border bridge near where the aid is being stored has been blocked by the Venezuelan military.

Last month, the 35-year-old Guaido was named leader of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. "The proof is so obvious that there are no more doubts even in the United States".

On Monday, Canada hosted a meeting of the Lima Group regional bloc to discuss how the global community can further help the people of Venezuela, including through immediate humanitarian assistance.

"Dear military personnel, this aid is also for you. here comes food for your children, here comes medicine for the people who are suffering", he said.

The boxes of emergency aid came from the U.S. Agency for International Development, and are marked with USAID labels.

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"Venezuela will not allow the show of. humanitarian aid because we do not beg from anyone", Maduro told reporters. He's offered to try to resolve the political impasse in a dialogue with opposition leaders, which critics call a stalling tactic that has failed to lead to any changes.

Maduro has overseen an economic collapse in the oil-rich OPEC country that has left many Venezuelans malnourished and struggling to find medicine, sparking the exodus of an estimated 3 million Venezuelans.

The bridge, which connects Cucuta and the city of Urena in Venezuela, remains blocked after the Venezuelan military, earlier this week, placed cargo containers and a tanker lorry across the road surface.

It's possible the Venezuelan government fears aid crossing the border could be used as cover for an invasion to depose Maduro. U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker said the U.S. will get supplies to the border, and Guaido will take it from there.

The United States is imposing a ban on the travel of the Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly's members to the US, said a USA envoy on Venezuela-related issues.

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China has backed multinational efforts in finding a solution to an ongoing power tussle in Venezuela, insisting that only a peaceful dialogue would solve the crisis in the South American country.