Takeaways From the Alliance of American Football's (AAF) Opening Weekend

Posted February 13, 2019

According to sports business reporter Darren Rovell, the new football league's debut game earned a tick higher at 2.1 than the NBA's Houston Rockets vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder game did with its 2.0 rating. Making the Alliance of American Football a league that is here stay. Of course many fans might not agree with the decisions made in the booth, but it's good to finally get a full look of how this process works.

Quinn believes it absolutely is because it not only has developmental abilities in terms of helping get players to the National Football League, but it is capable of developing other "positions" in the National Football League community too. The San Antonio fans were loud and exactly what you want to see from a fan base of a new league.

In this way, the AAF is increasing the financial viability of football as a career while prepping players for life beyond. The league's first game on the NFL Network drew a dismal overnight rating of 0.4 on Sunday.

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How do you feel about the new professional football league? Salt Lake will face Birmingham in the first matchup, and the following game will be between Arizona and Memphis. Visit SportsLine now to see which team you should jump on, all from the incomparable expert who just racked up another big cash in the Super Bowl. For example, former Giants 2013 third round pick Damonte Moore, who bounced around the league, had six QB hits and five tackles for San Diego.

-In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, each team will begin on their opponent's 10-yard line and be given one possession (four downs) to score.

The 'Shots also forced three turnovers without giving up the ball.

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So I'm dubious that this model will generate longterm interest once the novelty wears out. It actually felt like the game had a quicker pace and better flow to it by eliminating that play and since the kick return is still the play that causes the most concussions during the game, it would make the game safer. The Penn State product just might not be cut out for pro football, and this stint in the AAF may only prove that further rather than offer him a second chance.

In 1991, the World League of American Football became the closest thing to global football with 10 teams in three countries on two continents. You can also round it out with a veteran acquisition of some huge names, for a little more than the veteran minimum.

The NFL season is over and college football spring games are still a couple of months away.

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This is an effort to best capture the best-and-worst performers, as well as to identify depth charts and figure out which teams possess schematic advantages.