Tesla update to include Dog Mode

Posted February 15, 2019

Dog Mode regulates the temperature in the vehicle for your fur babies, while also letting passersby know that they're okay.

When enabled, the function enters a "standby" state, using the car's external cameras to monitor the surrounding environment and detect potential threats.

Leading animal charities have expressed "serious concerns" over Tesla's Dog Mode that's created to keep pets cool in unattended cars.

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Owners also receive an alert via the Tesla mobile app, and are able to download a video recording of the incident (starting 10 minutes prior to the detected threat). In fact, the idea was born back in October 2018 when a Twitter user asked the boss if he would introduce the function - which also includes a message on the central screen telling any anxious passers-by that the dog is being kept cool and its owner will be right back.

Cabin Overheat Protection is focused around safeguarding children and pets by keeping the auto at a "safe temperature" for several hours, "even when the vehicle is off" - a feature Tesla says is owed to the firm's 'uniquely large battery packs'. The idea for Dog Mode comes after a Twitter user posted the suggestion to Elon Musk, after Tesla release of Software Version 9.0 that includes the above-mentioned Cabin Overheat Prevention. In the style that we know and love, Musk responded to the tweet with a simple yes.

It builds on previous features released by Tesla around temperature control.

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Tesla also announced the new Sentry Mode security feature to protect against break-ins and theft.

In addition to dog mode, Tesla also launched "sentry mode" for vehicle owners. In this mode, it displays a message on the large internal touchscreen to let the person know that the external cameras are recording.

Tesla Model 3, considered to be one of the most successful electric cars in the market because of its relative affordability, is poised to have a devastating first quarter sales report.

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