Fortnite Visit Giant Face in Desert, Jungle & Snow Weekly Challenge

Posted March 04, 2019

The two images seem to show us a glimpse of the new skins that are coming to the game- we get to see the human version of the pirate that will progress to undead version later on in the season. When it debuted, people praised Respawn Entertainment's helpful communication options that let you press a button while looking at an object to let your teammates know everything they need to know, all without using a microphone.

Once again, we see a challenge where players have to visit certain unmarked areas in the map.

Full patch notes for Season 8 are here.

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As we said above, you can unlock the Discovery outfit by completing 55 of the Weekly Challenges in total.

Head to G3 at Lazy Lagoon and find the drop to the roof of the highest tower next to the ship in the area.

Players will be able to get their hands on the new Pirate Cannon weapon, which can deal out some pretty devastating blows to structures and if you're feeling wild you can even launch yourself out of it.

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Here's the location of the Season 8, Week 1 "Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle and the snow" challenge. These rock faces are all facing outwards towards the ocean and are tricky to spot.

All you have to do is face each face. Lava damages you, as you'd expect hot molten rock to do.

The new building in Tilden Towers can not sustain a single season without being destroyed. The volcano, which is located where Wailing Woods used to be, has deadly lava and vents that can sweep players into the air. More than half the time you open a normal chest you will receive a common quality assault rifle. And like him, many other Fortnite gamers are complaining about that.

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