Protesters Go On Feminist Strike in Madrid to Celebrate Int'l Women's Day

Posted March 11, 2019

In Pyongyang, Flower Shop No. 5 did a brisk trade in flowers on International Women's Day, which is a public holiday in North Korea, as a steady stream of customers turned up to buy blooms for their wives, mothers and significant others.

International Women's Day "has converted into a day for those who reject femininity as well as masculinity, complementarity, maternity and dedication to the family", spokeswoman Leonor Tamayo said in a statement.

This is a time that can be very enriching.

It called on all women in Ghana to be resilient in their quest to contributing to making the nation a better place for all. Stories of courage and overcoming adversity are being shared.

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It's that time of year again. It's inspiring and nurturing to get together with like-minded women who see the importance of this work.

"When I worked as a manager in a pharmaceutical laboratory, the men who were two categories below me earned more than me". It helps reminds us how important gender equality is.

"Research has shown that women's economic empowerment boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality in addition to other positive development outcomes. We need to celebrate women empowering men".

The far-right has pledged to make the fight against "radical feminism" a priority.

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Thousands of workers in Spain are participating in a "feminist strike" on Friday, demanding an end to gender-based violence, discrimination and wage inequity.

One in three women are likely to face violence in their lifetimes, Guterres said. Destroy the Joint reports that nine women have died as a result of violence already this year. The gender pay gap in Spain stands at 14.2 percent according to the latest European Union statistics, two points below the European Union average.

She decried the unfavourable turnout of political parties' primaries which halted the political race for most women aspiring for various positions and called on government at all levels and across party lines to give women more opportunities in the appointive positions. The survey found that for both women and men, the most common type of workplace sexual harassment experienced was offensive, sexually suggestive comments or jokes.

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