I apologise to Britain, says Shamima Begum's dad

Posted March 13, 2019

The newspaper said the sisters, who have a combined five boys under eight years old, are among at 12 brides from Britain and over 20 of their children held in Syrian detention camps run by Western-backed Kurdish forces.

Three week old Jarrah's death certificate said he'd died of pneumonia.

Begum's fate has sparked heated debate in Britain, which like many other countries is facing a dilemma over whether to allow jihadists and IS sympathisers home to face prosecution, or stop them from returning at all.

Ms Begum, 19, who fled Bethnal Green in east London four years ago, had pleaded to be allowed back to... She told reporters at the time that she had already lost two babies - one to malnutrition and another to ill-health - during her time with ISIS and pleaded with the United Kingdom government to allow her and her new-born baby to return to the Britain.

"It's a two-way thing, really", she told the BBC, adding that the suicide bomber that killed 22 civilians at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was a "kind of retaliation" for bombardments of ISIS-held enclaves, adding, "So I thought, ok, that is a fair justification".

Mr Hunt described the death of Jarrah as "distressing and sad" and said the Government had "been trying to do everything we can".

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Fellow Conservative Party lawmaker Phillip Lee said Saturday he was "deeply concerned" by Javid's handling of the case, suggesting he had taken a hard line in order to please populists.

"Sadly in this case, as we know, it wasn't possible".

"But she was a child".

'And I'm afraid those decisions, bad though it is, they do have consequences'.

'And I'm afraid those decisions, terrible though it is, they do have consequences. "It seemed driven by a populism, not by any principle that I recognized".

"Any baby dying is an absolute tragedy, and that was a British baby", the leader of parliament Andrea Leadsom told Reuters.

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She added: "If the mother and baby had been brought home, the mother, Shamima Begum, would have faced British justice, but the baby might have lived".

She gave birth in a refugee camp in the middle of February, having already lost two children.

Reema recently told The Telegraph, UK, about her plans to return to the country of her birth.

Shamima Begum, pictured left before she headed to Syria.

Kirsty McNeill, head of policy, advocacy and campaigns at the charity Save the Children, said "all children associated with IS are victims of the conflict and must be treated as such".

Asked on The Andrew Marr Show why no one had gone out to Syria to rescue the baby from the refugee camps he was in, the Foreign Secretary said it is too risky to send government officials into the war-torn country to bring back British citizens.

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