Did You Notice This Strange Blinking Pixel On Galaxy S10?

Posted March 14, 2019

Samsung also unveiled Galaxy Fold its first foldable smartphone with around three screens and five cameras.

It will soon be a war of words between Samsung and Huawei as the two rivals butt heads over foldable phones.

According to Samsung, the Fold is a "luxury" item, for people who want the convenience of the phone, with the benefits of a larger screen. While the former can be expected to be announced later this year or early next year, the latter will be released after that. Hence, it is useful in displaying information when the main display is "off".

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Samsung's Galaxy S10 will officially launch in South Africa, tomorrow, 8 March 2019, and take on Apple's iPhone Xs. According to Kuo, Samsung should ship between 40 million and 45 million Galaxy S10 units, up from his previous 30 million to 35 million estimate. However, it is also complex and repairing these phones can be a hard task (if you are doing it by yourself). The latter sounds similar to the incoming Moto Razr remake, which will feature a clamshell design reminiscent of Motorola's original flip-phone.

In essence, AR Emojis on the Samsung Galaxy S10 represents a marked improvement over what was seen until past year (the system was limited to facial expressions and simple movements of the head).

However, the biggest difference as always is the operating system, and iOS users may prefer to spend a bit more for painless updates and continued access to the Apple ecosystem.

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"No one knows what the ideal design is yet", said Bryan Ma, Vice President at market research firm IDC. "Many of these designs won't be successful, but industry players will learn valuable lessons along the way". He added that there's more chance of "user error", such as calling someone by mistake, with Huawei's foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will come to India, though DJ Koh did not confirm a time frame for the launch.

Opinions will continue to be divided but we believe that just like 5G, the foldable phone design and hardware will continue to evolve over time until it gets to a point where durability won't be one of our worries.

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Samsung S10 display is incredible with the world's first indisplay Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner which uses sound to sense the fingerprint.