Nancy Pelosi: President Donald Trump 'not worth' impeaching

Posted March 15, 2019

Remarks: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said impeaching Donald Trump would divide the country "and he's just not worth it". She called Trump "ethically and intellectually unfit" for the presidency but said Congress would require an overwhelming and bipartisan reason for impeachment.

Pelosi appeared to cut the debate off even further in an interview with The Washington Post Magazine published online Monday.

"Every single Democrat running for president should be made to answer: do they agree with the Speaker who stands in opposition to baseless impeachment charges, or will they risk fracturing the country by bowing to the radical elements in their party who want to disenfranchise the American people and overturn the legitimate and lawful result of the last election?" campaign Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement.

Since the 116th Congress was seated in January, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership have been advising the impeachment-hungry freshmen to "wait and see" what the special counsel turns up; with zero evidence of the promised "Russian collusion" nearly two years in, and only a third of Americans backing the idea of impeachment, Pelosi knows not to bet on a losing horse. The more hard step is to actually remove Trump from office, which would require a Senate trial and two-thirds of that Republican-controlled chamber to vote to remove Trump from office. Absent "extraordinarily clear and compelling" evidence, Schiff said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Tuesday, "impeachment becomes a partisan exercise doomed for failure".

Green, of Houston, told Neil Cavuto that he is unconcerned as to whether the impeachment vote breaks the several-hundred-member threshold needed to start formal proceedings.

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"Speaker Pelosi thinks 'he's just not worth it?' Well, is defending our legal system 'worth it?' Is holding the president accountable for his crimes and cover-ups 'worth it?' Is doing what's right 'worth it?'" Steyer said.

A freshmen Democrat is also joining the impeachment movement.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto and Democratic congressman Al Green on Tuesday argued over what exactly is an impeachable offence.

It will remove a tough vote for new Democrats in Trump-leaning districts, according to some.

"Today, I announced that later this month, I will be introducing a resolution to have the Judiciary Committee move on investigating grounds for impeachment". Nor do we have a President who gave daylight through his questionable morals for an impeachment proceeding conducted in egregious bad faith. "If it's a consistent pattern of abuse of power, of obstruction of justice. then that to me seems like it will be impeachable". I don't know why she didn't. The Republican-led Senate refused to convict Clinton.

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"By sending this signal that Democrats won't impeach, reasoning goes that will make it more likely that the report will get released publicly". Although she still doubts Mr. Trump's fitness for office, the California Democrat said the process of impeachment would be too damaging to the country.

"It's really about whether or not we are going to tolerate and continue to allow an unfit president to be in office", Green said.

Impeach the president for what?

Some believe that Speaker Pelosi is simply being coy, that she is gathering all the facts and when ready the impeachment process will begin.

Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., a member of House leadership, said Democrats ran on an agenda of controlling health care costs, raising incomes and fighting corruption.

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