Union County residents along Missouri River asked to prepare for flooding

Posted March 17, 2019

River predictions show the Missouri River reaching historic levels once all the water from the north reaches the area, but the governor believes agencies have everything in place to help people during the flood. The record level of the Missouri River in St. Joseph is 32.1 feet, set in 1993.

The GRCA said there is the potential for ice jams in Grand Valley, New Hamburg, West Montrose, Brantford, Six Nations Territory, Cayuga and Port Maitland.

Since approximately 6:30 Tuesday morning, the Big Blue River has been at or above flood stage in Marshall County.

RETRANSMISSION TO CORRECT SURNAME- Tom Wilke center his son Chad right and Nick Kenny load a boat out of the swollen waters of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River after checking on the Witke's flooded property in Norfolk Neb. Friday March 1

The "bomb cyclone" slammed the central United States with hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions this week, leaving in its tracks heavy rains and flooding.

Authorities also confirmed Saturday that a bridge on that highway that crosses the Elkhorn River had been washed out Saturday.

"St. Joe is looking, the forecast, to have major flooding to start to occur during the day", according to Pietrycha.

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Southeastern Colfax County in northeastern Nebraska... The record level at the Rulo-Brownville area is 44.8 feet. The flooding was the worst in almost a decade in places, though the situation was expected to improve quickly over the weekend, according to Mike Gillispie, National Weather Service hydrologist in Sioux Falls. The alert triggered initial precautions, and if the river reaches 45 feet the plant will be taken offline.

Water levels on numerous major rivers are expected to stay near record highs into early next week before slowly subsiding.

Evacuations as floodwaters rise in Ashland, Nebraska.

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Flood waters have receded at 18th and Iowa streets in Perry, but the NWS flood warning remains in effect.

It's the worst flooding parts of the Midwest have seen in decades, where several states are battling the aftermath of a powerful "bomb cyclone" which swept through the region last week, bringing blizzard conditions, hurricane-like winds, snow and heavy rain. The flooding was the worst in nearly a decade in places.

The flooding has been caused by a combination of factors. It was exacerbated by a now-melting hefty winter snow pack left by record winter precipitation.

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"Each year, we are warned, because each year there is water, or ice, or something above us that causes some concern".