Android Q Beta 2 arrives with zoomable microphones, Bubbles, and more

Posted April 06, 2019

As mentioned, Beta 2 also brings zoomable microphones, which enables developers to utilize particular microphones in a device, assuming the hardware is available, based on need. They're still very much capable devices, to be sure, but Google has pulled them off its online store.

I don't have experience with Amazon's Renewed program, so I can't vouch for the quality and condition of the refurbished Pixel 3 XL.

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While Google has a habit of doing this to its older flagships shortly after launching new flagships, discontinuing the Pixel 2 feels like a bigger deal than normal because it was quite simply one of the best Android smartphones of its time. Other retailers may still have the phone in stock. Until now, Google Voice wasn't supported in Android Auto, which meant incoming texts wouldn't appear on your car's screen. This should perhaps come as no surprise, as the writing was on the wall.

With the death of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, Google ups the ante on its title of "World's most expensive smartphone lineup" going by entry-level price. They were phenomenal phones that ran into a handful of quality problems, particularly with the display, which were found to have tiresome colors. They may even tend to receive more of the updates later on which is not made clear yet.

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Next up is a feature called Bubbles, or Google's solution for better multitasking on a phone. Verizon, the Pixel 2's exclusive United States carrier, ended sales of the smaller device back in October upon the announcement of its successor. Reportedly, Google is testing ads on the home screen that shows a row of sponsored content. The camera system was the same in both phones and produced fantastic images.

As for the smaller Pixel 2, it was a pretty great smallish Android phone if you could put up with its bezels and average battery life.

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