Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly authorizes further investigation against Guaido

Posted April 06, 2019

Lawmakers loyal to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stripped Juan Guaido of immunity Tuesday, paving the way for the opposition leader's prosecution and potential arrest for supposedly violating the constitution when he declared himself interim president.

Russian Federation has emerged as a staunch backer of Venezuela's leftist President Nicolas Maduro as his nation descended into political turmoil this year.

Colombian President Ivan Duque speaks during the presentation of a security report, accompanied by the military commands in the presidential palace, in Bogota, Colombia April 2, 2019.

Diosdado Cabello, president of the Constituent Assembly, accused Guaido and the opposition of naively inviting a foreign invasion and inciting a civil war.

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Vice President Mike Pence said on Tuesday the United States would continue to pressure Venezuela's oil industry and those who support it with economic sanctions, citing world oil prices as low enough to allow for the measures.

Guaido has dismissed the Maduro-stacked high court and Constituent Assembly as illegitimate, and continued his calls for Maduro to step down.

On Monday, Supreme Court Justice Maikel Moreno said Guaido should be prosecuted for violating a ban on leaving the country when he went on a tour of Latin American nations that back a change in Venezuela's government.

Guaido's global backers, chiefly the Trump administration, have warned Venezuelan authorities not to touch him and threatened ever harsher sanctions against the Maduro administration to further cut it off from foreign financing.

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When American "humanitarian convoys" were attempted to be sent through several states, they were meant to provoke a large-scale civil war and henceforth carry out an armed intervention in that state.

The court requested that the rival assembly lift Guaido's immunity for usurping Maduro's powers after he declared himself interim president on January 23 - a move which has been recognized by over 50 countries.

Tuesday night's vote was unanimous.

Guaido, the head of the opposition-dominated National Assembly, is accused of inciting violence and lying about his personal finances in addition to ignoring a travel ban, which he breached by leaving the country to drum up support overseas for regime change. "The government is reasserting its authority while also sending a clear signal to the opposition: we are in control".

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The Supreme Court has already banned Mr Guaido from holding office for 15 years and arrested his chief of staff on terrorism charges.