US President Trump says has not read Mueller report

Posted April 09, 2019

Although the committee expects to hear from Attorney General William Barr, Collins wrote, it must go to the source to learn all it needs to know about the special counsel inquiry.

Collins, in his letter, argued that demands by Democrats to release Mueller's full report "disrespects the law" and pointed to a federal court decision that prohibits the public release of protected grand jury material unless there is a court order authorizing their release.

The first public confrontation is imminent, with Barr scheduled to appear Tuesday and Wednesday before the House and Senate Appropriations committees for hearings ostensibly about the Justice Department's budget.

"We are demanding and we have a right".

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That has caused frustration among members of Mueller's team, who have told associates they are frustrated with the limited information provided about their almost two-year investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether US President Donald Trump sought to obstruct justice. The attorney general and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, looked at the obstruction evidence and determined it did not rise to the level of a crime, Barr wrote.

Attorney General Barr was never a part of this investigation, and instead simply reviewed the special counsel's final report and has provided Congress, so far, with the special counsel's principal conclusions. There are few exceptions.

"There is nothing wrong with the newspaper, there is something wrong with the prosecutor", Giuliani said. He has yet to issue a subpoena.

FILE - White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney listens as President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington.

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"The Department of Justice will continue to defend the long established tradition of protecting grand jury information", said spokesman Kelly Laco. He criticized Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, for comments the New York Democrat made on "Face the Nation" minutes earlier denouncing Barr as a "bias defender" of the president. While Mueller and his team did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, and reportedly laid out evidence on both sides of the question, Barr said in his summary that there is not enough evidence to establish the president obstructed justice - a conclusion some lawmakers felt was premature without the full report in hand.

Mr. Khanna said releasing the Mueller report is more important because "there are serious concerns of interference in our election that every American should be concerned about".

Mueller's full report will, according to Barr, be released sometime in mid-April, after the DOJ and others have had a chance to read and redact the report to protect classified and confidential information from leaking to the press and public.

Democrats have rejected the notion that Barr, who sent an unsolicited memo to the White House before he was hired arguing a President can not obstruct justice if there's no underlying crime, should be able to decide whether Mueller's evidence spells obstruction.

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