Defiant Musk Sends Out Other Controversial Tesla Tweet

Posted April 16, 2019

Elon Musk and his lawyers were appearing before a federal judge in NY that will choose whether the Tesla CEO ought to be kept in contempt of court for violating the arrangement with all the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC wants Nathan to fine Musk for allegedly violating a court-approved settlement requiring his tweets to be approved by a lawyer if they disclose important company facts. Some former SEC attorneys say the agency. If they can't, she'll rule whether Musk is in contempt.

"Please note that the price of the Tesla Full Self-Driving option will increase substantially over time", Musk said on Saturday, without providing an estimate of how much the price will go up.

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If Musk plans to attend the hearing, it is unclear.

Just two months after he tweeted a production figure forecast, Tesla's chief executive has done it again just days after he had to appear in court because the Securities and Exchange Commission accused him of violating an agreement to first ask the board of directors for approval of any tweets that might move Tesla stock. "Take a deep breath, put your reasonableness trousers on and work this out", directed U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan rather notably.

Musk backed off the concept of taking the business private, but regulators concluded he hadn't lined up the money to pull off the offer.

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Meanwhile, Tesla's stocks are falling nearly 10% in early trading after the company stated it churns out 77,100 vehicles in the first quarter, well behind the pace it must sustain to meet the pledge of Musk. In a recent interview with MIT, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that drivers could begin removing their hands from the wheel as soon as six months from now, but "next year" at the latest.

Tesla stated it only delivered 63,000 vehicles in the quarter, down 31% from the fourth quarter of 2018.

Tesla shares (TSLA) fell as much as 1.7 percent to $263.03 as of 9:38 a.m. Monday in NY trading.

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Tesla recently started deploying Autopilot on all its vehicles, while it was previously available as an option.